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Many people never consider hiring their own security expert until the need arises. We all see a doctor when we are sick, a lawyer when we are in legal trouble, and a CPA when the IRS comes calling. Using this same logic, why wouldn’t you use an unbiased security consultant when critical security decisions or evaluations need to be made? We are just such a solution. 

Our team of security professionals specializes in loss prevention. We stand ready to help you reduce loss in all its forms. We are an independent, full-service security and loss-prevention consulting firm. That means that, unlike others in the security business, we are not affiliated with any product or service. 

Our recommendations are based on your actual needs, not a product or service we represent. Our job is to assess your business and recommend changes to improve security, reduce losses, and retain customers. We are experts in risk and vulnerability assessment. Our consultants evaluate your business and recommend cost-effective solutions to improve your bottom line.