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Do I really need another consultant? 

Chances are you do need a consultant. Retaining an all-purpose general management consultant for specialized loss prevention advice is like going to a family practice physician for open heart surgery. Only a qualified, independent, non-product affiliated security and loss prevention consultant can boost your profits by limiting your losses.

Security consulting rates vary widely. How do I know I'm getting good value with your firm?

We pour our resources into keeping abreast of this rapidly changing field. By attending conferences and equipment expositions, meeting vendors, and consulting with manufacturers' representatives, we stay up-to-date on our own time, before the meter starts ticking on your account. We also review hundreds of new books and periodicals every year, and our extensive in-house research library boasts thousands of publications, industry catalogs, and other literature. We enjoy national account status with many of the leading security vendors. This status is passed along to our clients.

This is all nice, but what does it mean to our customers?

It means that your total bill stays lower because we've already done our homework. If we do not have an immediate answer to your question, we can obtain it faster and more cost-effectively through our in-house library and established contacts in the security field.

I already have an alarm system and private investigators. What's different about your services?

Alarms and PIs are both reactive measures to losses that occurred. Our focus is different. Our aim is to prevent security threats by uncovering risks that cause loss and dangerous situations for your businesses, and putting measures in place to eliminate them.

Why not just listen to my equipment vendors?

First, we make absolutely no commissions on any equipment we may recommend, so you can be sure we are looking out for your best interest, not our own. We can improve your cost savings dramatically through negotiation with the vendor offering the best possible equipment for your situation. Unlike most in the security industry, we are familiar with a wide variety of vendors, but are not affiliated with any specific manufacturers of security equipment. Typically, equipment vendors are obligated to use specific or approved manufacturers and models. We have no such limitations.

Furthermore, we go far beyond the need for locks, alarms, and other hardware. Management, motivation, and administration of your Total Loss Prevention program are equally important. We develop business solutions for your long-term advantage, not just a one-time sales commission.